20 photos

A Cape Fur Seal balances on the nose of an attacking white sharkBee on a flowerWhite shark off Stewart Island, New ZealandBald eagle in flight off the Kenai Peninsula, AlaskaA South American sea lion narrowly avoids a smiling orca at Punta Norte, ArgentinaWhite shark at Isla GuadalupeTwo young brown bears embrace on Kodiak IslandYellow-spotted river turtleRed-backed poison dart frogWhite shark with jaws gapingThe raw power of the great white shark in black and whiteA white shark lunges at the surface at Seal Island, South AfricaOrca attacking sea lions at Punta Norte, ArgentinaElk killed by wolves in Yellowstone National ParkA white shark at Isla GuadalupeBaby cheetahsWhite shark off Isla GuadalupeWhite shark at the surfaceAustralian sea lions at Hopkins IslandA white shark and cage divers