Mark Enarson Images | African Migration
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Baby cheetahsA lion bares its teethGiraffes in the SerengetiStorm over the Masai MaraZebra and wildebeest bracing for a stormLone Elephant on the Serengeti PlainsElephants after the Masai Mara stormCheetah cubs hunting with their motherMother lion and her cub in embraceElephants Protecting Their BabiesAfrican Buffalo at SunrisePassing Storm Over Masai MaraA cheetah in dark foliage on the SerengetiA Senegal wattled plover at Masai MaraJousting zebra on the SerengetiCheetah looking for preySerene moment for a lion on the SerengetiSleeping leopardElephants battling for dominanceA mother cheetah and her cubs must remain vigilant