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A brown bear closes in on a silver salmon in Lake Clark National Park, AlaskaA moose feeds in the bright red foliage of autumn at Denali National Park, AlaskaA lion's mane jellyfish in Port Fidalgo, AlaskaA horned puffin off the Kenai Peninsula, AlaskaA bald eagle carries a captured herring at Port Fidalgo, AlaskaRed foxes play fight at Lake Clark National Park, AlaskaA salmon shark glides through the frigid waters of Prince William Sound, AlaskaA sea otter resting at the surface in Kachemack Bay, AlaskaA brown bear and cubs at Lake Clark National Park, AlaskaA purple moon jellyfish amidst a massive bloom of moon jellies, in the depths of Port Fidalgo, AlaskaShort-tailed weasel or ermine on Kodiak IslandA black bear patrols the beach, at Port Fidalgo, AlaskaA brown bear searches the water for a salmon, at Lake Clark National Park, AlaskaA common loon in Kachemack Bay, AlaskaA group of trumpeter swans near Cordova, AlaskaChum salmon ascending a spawning stream during the summer in AlaskaA red fox in the bright grass of a field in autumn, at Lake Clark National Park, AlaskaA golden dirona nudibranch, at Port Fidalgo, AlaskaA playful young orca, at Port Fidalgo, Alaska