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Bee on a flowerGolden Gate BridgeA green-winged teal duck at Elk Island National Park, CanadaAn elk foraging at Yellowstone National ParkA lady bug climbs a blade of grassAn American alligator in the dark water of the Florida EvergladesWood duckLong-billed curlewFoxgloveSunset at Elk Island National Park, CanadaA barred owl at Calgary, CanadaWood duck in a pondPronghorn in Yellowstone National ParkAn American Marten on the west coast of CanadaA pika at Yellowstone National ParkA lesser yellowlegs in the wetlands of Elk Island National Park, CanadaCommon goldeneyeA small orange floor in the wetlands around Monterey Bay, CaliforniaDusk at Elk Island National ParkA downy woodpecker at Elk Island National Park, Canada